Dodge Sweptline Registry

    The Dodge Sweptline Registry was created to document remaining Dodge Light-Duty Sweptline trucks produced from 1961-1971. Any Sweptline truck is welcome from rusted hulks to fully restored show trucks.

Important note: One of the goals of the Sweptline Registry is to document the original condition of these trucks as they came from the factory or dealer, so we are hoping that owners will attempt to find what was original equipment on their truck. Any additional modifications such as engine re-power, 4x4 conversion, non-original paint, etc, can be documented in the Additional Information field.

    Start by displaying what can be found about your Sweptline truck by entering your trucks serial number in the VIN Decoder below. Then continue by printing the Worksheet to help with gathering information about your truck. After entry, you will be able to use the Edit Truck program to modify your truck entry at any time.

Please join us by Adding your truck!

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There are 2036 trucks in the Sweptline Registry.

Most Recent Entry

1968 Dodge D200 
Owner: Louie in Arizona
Date Entered: December 27, 2017
Serial Number: 1287052690

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