Dodge Sweptline Registry Worksheet

Serial/VIN number: ______________ 10-digit number is found on a tag on the door jamb, or if that is missing, on the frame. Numbers are often 3-digit followed by space then 7 more digits

Model Number: _________ (Tag heading, Vehicle Model) Cab type: Conventional or Crew; Small or Large rear window

Special Package: Camper Special, Sweptline Special, or High Performance Package

Frame Number: ______________ Double check this number if you can to verify that the number matches that on your door jamb, they sometimes do not due to cab swapping, etc. Please enter the frame number regardless if it matches the dataplate number, someone else may have your cab!
Engine: Trim Level: Bed type: Transmission: (Tag heading, TRANS.,Make,Model)
6-cyl 170 cid
6-cyl 198 cid
6-cyl 225-1 cid
6-cyl 225-2 cid
6-cyl 251 cid
6-cyl Diesel 354 cid
8-cyl LA-273 cid
8-cyl A-318-1 cid
8-cyl A-318-2 cid
8-cyl A-318-3 cid
8-cyl LA-318-1 cid
8-cyl LA-318-2 cid
8-cyl LA-318-3 cid
8-cyl 361-2 cid
8-cyl 361-3 cid
8-cyl 383 cid
8-cyl 413 cid
8-cyl 426 cid
Custom Sports Special
Chassis - Flat Bed
Fire Truck
Dump Truck
Town Wagon
Town Panel
A230 3-Speed
A745 3-Speed
NP420 4-Speed
NP435 4-Speed
NP445 4-Speed
NP540 5-Speed
NP541 5-Speed
A727 3-Speed Automatic
Engine number: ____________________     Net HP: ________at RPM________ (Tag heading, CERT NET HP at R.P.M.)

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): _______ (Tag heading, G.V.W)

Wheelbase: _________ (Tag heading, W.B.)      Final Drive Ratio: ___________ (Tag heading, Rear Axle)

Wheel Rim date:_______ this is a two digit number, like 65 for 1965 that is stamped into the face of the rim near the lug nuts. Please check multiple rims, as there is often more then one year among the 4-5 rims on a truck.

Winch: LU2-R or other    Winch number: ________ located on a pad facing up on the drivers side top of the winch

Original Color:____________________________________look in places that are not likely to have been painted, the firewall, under the dash, behind the wiper covers.

SERT NO Equipment SERT NO Equipment
SERT NO Equipment SERT NO Equipment
SERT NO Equipment SERT NO Equipment
SERT NO Equipment SERT NO Equipment
SERT NO Equipment SERT NO Equipment