Sweptline Registry - Changes
Sweptline Registry - Changes
Popup Windows July 1st, 2006
Photo images will now display in a separate popup window that is sized automatically to the picture and centered on the screen. Thanks to Scott Blaylock for the suggestion and tip.
Also removed borders from the thumbnail pictures.
New Transmission Choice Added May 31st, 2006
Added A466 3-Speed Automatic to the list of transmission choices.
Truck entered today, 1961 D100 from Washington, prompted the change.
NetHP, GVW, and Final Drive Ratio Additions April 30th, 2006
The following changes were made to the Add and Edit programs:
NetHP: 166@3600RPM
GVW: 23,000
Final Drive Ratio: Many added including 2-speed rear ends
Source: 81-370-6350 Dodge Trucks Service Manual, Models 100-800

Thanks to Steve G in Iowa for prompting the changes.

Picture Link Modification March 11th, 2006
Clicking on a truck or dataplate picture will now open the picture in a new browser window.
Sweptline Registry Modifications January 15th, 2006
Modified the Display and Search programs to mask all but the first two characters of the SERT NUMBER. Truck owners are encouraged to enter complete SERT NUMBERS however to protect certain options only the first two characters of SERT NUMBERS will be displayed in the publicly viewable portion of the Registry.
Search Program Modifications January 15th, 2006
Changed the search procedure for SERT items. Now a single SERT number and equipment selection field is displayed and the program will use this search criteria to search all ten SERT fields.
Town Wagon/Town Panel December 28th, 2005
Added Town Wagon and Town Panel as Type choices. Renamed the Bed Type field to Type.
New NetHP Rating December 26th, 2005
Added 199HP @ 4400RPM to the NetHP choices. Thanks to Moparbay for supplying the rating.
Sweptline Registry Modifications December 20th, 2005
Added 177 HP @ 4000RPM to the NetHP choices and A230 3-Speed to the Transmission choices. Thanks to Steve from AZ for prompting the changes.

Added Custom as a trim-level choice to the Worksheet.
Sweptline Registry Alive and Moved December 18th, 2005
The Sweptline Registry is running again and is now being hosted by Scott Blaylock at the Sweptline.org site. Phil Street will continue to maintain the programs. Please direct any questions to:

Sweptline Registry Down December 11th, 2005
As of December 10, 2005 the Dodge Sweptline Registry is temporarily shutdown. I thank you for your support and to those that have entered their trucks so far I can assure you that your data and pictures are safe.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

Sweptline Registry Modifications - Links December 8th, 2005
Added links to Mopar Norm's Dodge Sweptline Site and Scott Blaylock's Sweptline Site.
Links are at the bottom of each page.
Sweptline Registry Modifications - Icon December 7th, 2005
Added a favicon.ico for the Sweptline home page. Appears as a tiny icon beside the web page address when saved as a link. Icon supplied by Scott Blaylock.
Sweptline Registry Modifications - NetHP Addition December 4th, 2005
Added 88@3600 to NetHP choices. Prompted by Gordo's 1961 with 170 slant six engine.

Sweptline Registry Modifications December 2nd, 2005
Removed reference to Power-Wagon in the Search program. Fixed error in the Search program that was causing faulty results when searching on SERT numbers.
Added sub-heading (Original) to Engine - one of the goals of the Sweptline Registry is to document the original condition of these trucks as they came from the factory or dealer, so we are hoping that owners will attempt to find what was original equipment in their truck. Any additional modifications can be documented in the Additional Information field.
Sweptline Registry Modifications - Colors December 1st, 2005
Added Dodge Truck Colors used from 1961-1971. Started a Change Log for the Sweptline Registry.

Sweptline Registry Modifications November 29th, 2005
1. Support for models up to D800
2. Custom Trim Level
3. NP445, NP540, NP541 Transmissions
4. Sweptline Special moved to Special Packages
5. Dump Truck
6. 156" Wheelbase
7. More NetHP choices
8. SPECIAL for Engine, Transmission, NetHP
Dodge Sweptline Registry November 28th, 2005
Initial release of the Sweptline Registry