I'm going to attempt to help you find the best way to navigate this catalog. I'm trying my best to keep the catalog in the same order at it's original layout.

Browser Setting

Most "NEWER" web browsers automatically adjust an extra large picture down, so it will fit in your browser window. Unfortunately when it adjusts the size it distorts the detail of the picture. Seeing the detail of this catalog's pages is the whole purpose of this website!! This is an easy change and will not affect anything on your computer. All it will do is open a picture up in your web browser to it's true size and not automatically resize it down. Depending on what version and type of web browser you have, you may or may not need to change this. OR you may enjoy having to resize every picture.... Not me I changed it! Below is how you make this change.

Open your internet browser and go to "TOOL" >>> "INTERNET OPTIONS" >>> Go to the "ADVANCED" tab.

You should now see a list of all your browser options (See example 1). In example 1 you will notice I highlighted an option called "Enable Automatic Image Resizing". You want to "REMOVE" the check mark as shown. Then hit APPLY and your done!



Site Navigation

Once you have a catalog page open to the subject your interested in, you will notice thumb nail pictures of the catalog's pages (helping the dial up guys). If you take your mouse and move it on top of a thumb nail picture, you will notice some text automatically appear below your mouse. This text is the actual description of what's on that page (taken from the bottom of the actual page). Once you find the section your looking for, just click on the picture and a new window will appear showing that page in detail.

Now lets explain what your looking at; say your missing the heater duct tub for your heater. You've located the picture of your heater (See example 2). Looking at this picture, find the duct tub. The numbers you see next to it (1-48-287) aren't the actual part number, that is the part number CODE you'll need to look up the actual part number.



Next you will need to look toward the bottom of the page for the "CODE / PART NUMBER LISTINGS". You will see various ranges of part number code. find the particular link that has the part number code range your looking for and click on that link

1-48-254 \ 1-48-555 (PART 1)

The actual catalog page will appear. Look for your code on the left side and then match that with the heater model you have and there you go!! below that is the part number.

NOTE: Some Diagrams & Code/PN listing pages are split in two pictures, due to the size. When that happens, you will see a PART 1 & PART 2. Just keep that in mind!

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