front and rear springs

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front and rear springs

Postby fireguyfire » Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:18 pm

Another question regarding my 1970 D100 restoration.
I now have both the front and rear suspensions stripped off of the frame and I am about to start going through both.
I have recently restored a 1958 Chrysler car and in doing research I found that the individual leafs on those cars were painted in silver paint because it helped the leaves "slide" past each other; then the springs were re assembled and then sometimes they were painted black as an assembled spring, and sometimes they were not depending on the factory of origin.
Can anyone offer advice/suggestions on as to whether I should fully disassemble my frame and sandblast/paint the leaves, replace spacers etc, or should I just leave them be and sandblast and paint them assembled?
My truck is coded with a heavy duty suspension and I do have the extra upper leaves on the rears, however all 4 "ears" of the extra springs have been broken off in the past, a testament to this truck being a working truck for much of its life.
Are the extra heavy duty springs worth replacing?
Any photos or descriptions on someone else's spring restoration process would be helpful.
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Re: front and rear springs

Postby Guitarded » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:05 pm

The "Professor of Bounce" at Eaton Springs says in a video on their site NOT to paint individual springs but just to leave them in the pack and paint them (if I understood him correctly).
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