Question about U-bolt specs and bushings

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Question about U-bolt specs and bushings

Post by Atmobil » Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:24 pm

I sent and email to springs n things about new U-bolts and they say they custommake them and will need specs on them to make them. I also asked for new bushings for the springs and shackles. This is the reply I got:
We custom make the ubolts so should have ones available for your 65 D100. I don't have the specs on them though so would need specs. Bolt diameter, measurement BETWEEN the legs, measurement under the bend and if they are round like a horseshoe or square on top.
I show the left outer tie rod end $34. The bushings for in the leaf springs are $10 each. The ones in the frame at the shackle on the front could be the same rubber/steel bushing or could be a bronze one. The bronze ones we don't have. The shackle to frame bushings in the rear are only available as part of the shackles $62/pair.
So, since I cut some of my rear U-bolts with an anglegrinder and the front ones are bolted to the front suspension, does anyone here have these specs available?
And what about the bushings?
Are they all the same?
Gaute Halsaunet

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Re: Question about U-bolt specs and bushings

Post by soopernaut » Sat Jul 01, 2017 5:23 am

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