1971 Dodge W300 Power Wagon
Sweptline Special
Serial Number Stated Year Model Frame Number Cab Type Trim Level Type
E31BY1S380891 1971 W300   Crew Cab-Large Rear Window Stock Utility
Engine Engine Number Net Horse Power Transmission Final Drive Ratio Wheel Rim Dates Wheelbase
8-cyl 383 cid   SPECIAL A727 3-Speed Automatic 4.88 1970  133
Gross Vehicle Weight Winch Winch Number Original Color Location Owner Date Entered Date Modified Record
10,000 LU2  LU2-33 L 70-11394  Medium Blue Poly (1969-71)  Nebraska USA  Duane  Mar 15, 2008 Mar 19, 2010 587
Other Options
Power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, (dealer installed), dual batteries, bucket seats, two tone paint,(white roof over blue body), carpeting, 3 fuel tanks,(factory), 165" wheel base,(not the 133" as stated above), dual rear wheels, spotlight, (dealer installed), AM radio, electric over mechanical fuel pumps,(pusher pump), sliding rear glass camper window,(dealer installed), slide out rear bumper with hitch,(so the trailer hitch could be used when the slide-in camper, with it's 4 ft. overhang, was on the truck), electric trailer brake controller, HPB,(hydraulic parking brake). It also has the manual hand brake under the dash. 
Any Additional Information
I bought this truck in Wyoming from the original owner,a retired M.D. and rancher in Nov. 2007. It was used for his slide-in camper,towing his horse trailer,and hunting trips. He ordered it new in 1970 from a Reno, NV dealer because his local dealer in California couldn't order it. This truck has a 165" wheel base even though the plate says 133" w.b. After delivery of the truck it was taken back to CA and fitted with a utility box. He encountered quite a few difficulties with the order, & taking over 9 months for delivery. First they charged him for a standard cab and a crew cab both,(2 crew cabs according to the data plate). He made them refund the difference. He got stuck in the mud and discovered the rear end wasn't the posi he ordered. He had them change it,(the dealer). When ordering the truck Dodge said it couldn't get the hydraulic parking brake he wanted. But he kept after them until they got it figured out. The old doc said at the time Dodge was advertising they would make a truck anyway you wanted it, and he made them stick to their word. For years he had a problem keeping the truck running cool. After about 8 years the problem was solved. The transmission Dodge installed was for a 1/2 ton and was causing the engine to work harder,(I find it hard to believe though). I believe the overheating was more from the 4.88 gears rather from the tranny. Of course to much time had passed,(his story), to make the dealer pay for the error, so he had another dealer in Wyoming install a new one, (he had moved his practice to Lusk,WY by that time). He informs me he had the oil changed every 1500-2500 miles, and as smooth and quiet the engine runs, I'm sure that's correct. Right now it has just over 76,000 on it. It also is equipped with an intercom system,(cab to camper), both CB, and private band radios. In the box is a 42g. gas tank,(grand total, 4 tanks), installed sometime later. The truck is still original, with the exception of the new windshield, wheels, and radial tires. And yes, I still have the original wheels in storage. 
SERT NO Equipment SERT NO Equipment
EDxxxx  383 ENG  FAxxxx  A727 TRAN 
SERT NO Equipment SERT NO Equipment
SERT NO Equipment SERT NO Equipment
KAxxxx  SEATS  NPxxxx  WINCH 
SERT NO Equipment SERT NO Equipment
SERT NO Equipment SERT NO Equipment
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